What Costs are Involved in a Settlement Agreement?

We will will review your settlement agreement, including offering advice on who pays the legal fees involved.

Although there is no set legal fee for a Settlement Agreement, it is usual for the employer to either pay the full fee or at least make a large contribution towards the employee’s costs of obtaining legal advice. In 30 years of dealing with Settlement Agreements on behalf of our clients, we have not found this to cause an issue and it is usual (but not guaranteed) that the fee will be covered by the employee.

Typical Settlement Agreement Legal Cost Examples:

  1. The employer's contribution covers the full cost of the legal advice.
  2. It is necessary to negotiate on some of the settlement agreement terms. During this process, we ask the employer to increase their contribution to cover the legal advice.
  3. We negotiate a higher settlement figure but cannot obtain an increase in costs. In which case, the increase in settlement figure will more than cover the legal costs. (Typically £100-200 + VAT)

In a very small number of cases, it may be necessary to negotiate changes on a settlement agreement after the fee has been agreed and the employer will not change their contribution. In this instance, there would be a bill for our client, usually around £100-200 + VAT. We can assure you that the benefits of gaining the best legal advice for your settlement agreement will far outweigh any costs encored. We always make sure we negotiate the very best for our customers and are proud to say that in 30 years, we have never had an unhappy client.

If your employment has been terminated, please get in touch to discuss your situation, we would be happy to help you negotiate the best possible outcome.

“Really knew what they were doing. Picked holes in my employer’s procedures and negotiated me an extra £11,000. Very pleased and would highly recommend”

Robert G