Online Settlement Agreements with our Remote Service

We are specialist Settlement Agreement Solicitors and are able to offer a full remote service to clients looking for a Settlement Agreement in the UK.

We have proudly provided expert legal advice for over 30 years and will help you obtain the best deal on your Settlement Agreements with the most beneficial exit package with our remote service.

As our Settlement Agreements service is fully remote, there is no need to meet face to face, and we can conduct all our correspondence via phone calls, emails and/or Zoom. Even if we don't meet in person, we guarantee to work extra hard on your behalf and are fully committed to getting the very best for you where ever you live. If you would prefer to meet in person, we operate from our offices in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are facing employment termination or redundancy. Via our remote Settlement Agreement service we can make sure the process of negotiating a fair deal is stress-free and uncomplicated. We work for you and are here to give you the very best advice for your individual situation.

In the case of most Settlement Agreements, your employer will cover the legal fees of obtaining the services of a solicitor. If complex negotiations occur, it will usually mean that any legal costs encored will outweigh the financial benefits gained. All negotiations can take place remotely as we can act on your behalf and give you the best possible service.

What is a Settlement Agreement, and can I get a Settlement Agreement Online?

A Settlement Agreement (previously referred to as a Compromise Agreement) is a legal contract drawn up between an employer and an employee. It outlines all terms and any payments due when employment terminates for whatever reason. It is possible to receive Settle Agreement services remotely without meeting face to face. Documents can be signed via scanning, electric signatures or post, which takes away the need to meet in person. Negotiations with your employee can occur via phone or any video communication software such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc.

A Settlement Agreement will result in a sum of money, known as an exit package or severance pay, being paid to the employee by the employer. This figure will vary depending on factors such as holiday paid owed, redundancy pay or compensation for loss of earnings plus any benefit or bonus scheme entitlements. Once the Settlement Agreement has been signed off, the employee will not be entitled to contest this sum or enter into further legal disputes. A Settlement Agreement is designed to ensure a fair outcome for all parties involved without the need for complex legal proceedings.

Currently, in the UK, employers are not specifically legally required to provide an employee with a Settlement Agreement. If you don't get offered one, firstly, you can ask your employer or HR manager to draw one up. Next, make sure you consult the services of a Settlement Agreement Solicitor with a good reputation (please read our reviews!). A Settlement Agreement will become a legal document if the employee has used the services of a suitably qualified employment lawyer such as the team here at Settlement Agreement Services.

Please get in touch or read through our Settlement Agreement FAQs if you have further questions. We have helped hundreds of people all over the UK with our remote service, and we would be happy to assist with your Settlement Agreement online.

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