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We are specialist Settlement Agreement Solicitors with over 25 years experience helping clients from Bath, Wiltshire, and the surrounding areas get the best Settlement Agreements and the most beneficial exit packages. 

The solicitors at Settlement Agreement Services work extra hard on behalf of our clients and are committed to getting the very best severance pay deal. Contact us if you are facing termination or redundancy, we'll ensure the whole process is stress-free and uncomplicated. We speak in plain English and are on your side.

If you live close to Bath or in the surrounding areas, you can visit us in person to discuss your individual situation. We are also happy to offer a remote Settlement Agreement service from anywhere in the country.

What is a Settlement Agreement, and why should I speak to a Solicitor?

An employment-related Settlement Agreement (sometimes referred to as a Compromise Agreement) is a contract drawn up between an employer and an employee to cover the specific terms and payments due when an employment contract is terminated.

In a usual situation, the employer agrees to pay the employee a certain sum of money, known as an exit package or severance pay. By signing the Settlement Agreement, the employee will not be entitled to contest this sum or any other arrangements in the future.

Employers are not legally required to provide Settlement Agreements, although many do. If you don't get offered one, you should ask your employer or HR department for one. To ensure you are receiving the very best exit package, it is advised to consult the services of an experienced Settlement Agreement Solicitor. A Settlement Agreement will only become legally binding after the employee has consulted with a suitably qualified Solicitor.

Please get in touch or read through our Settlement Agreement FAQs if you have further questions. We have helped hundreds of people in Bath and Wiltshire, and we would be happy to assist with your Settlement Agreement.

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