Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Bristol

We are specialist Settlement Agreement Solicitors with offices near Bristol. We are here to guide you through the negotiations, paperwork, and technicalities and are able to get you the best possible Settlement Agreement if your employment is coming to an end.

Whether facing redundancy or termination, if you have an employment contract in place, you may well have the opportunity to negotiate a pretty decent exit package. Getting these negotiations right could make a big difference to the amount of money you leave with, which is why finding a Settlement Agreement Solicitor you can trust is crucial. At Settlement Agreement Services, we have over 25 years of experience helping clients from Bristol and the surrounding areas get the best deal and helping to create a stress-free process.

For clients wishing for a face to face consultancy, we are in easy reach of Bristol. Alternatively, we can offer a remote service via email, Zoom or telephone calls. Please enquire today for friendly and professional, Settlement Agreement service.

What is a Settlement Agreement, and when do I need a specialist Solicitor?

Settlement Agreements (previously called Compromise Agreements) are legally binding contracts between employers and employees designed to formalise the end of employment procedure. During this process, a sum of money will typically be agreed to form an exit package or cover severance pay.

A Settlement Agreement takes away the need for any complex legal processes and will be mutually beneficial to both employer and employee. It enables both parties the chance to negotiate and agree on a fair outcome.

A typical Settlement Agreement will conclude in the employer agreeing to pay a sum of money to the employee. The exact figure considers factors such as holiday pay owed, benefits and redundancy pay. In turn, the employee will agree that this is a final decision and further legal procedures cannot be taken.

It is not a legal requirement to obtain a Settlement Agreement in the UK, but if you want to make sure you are leaving with the very best exit package available to you, it will be in your best interests. Ask your employer or HR manager for one before you leave your job.

Make sure your legal advice comes from a specialist Settlement Agreement solicitor you can trust. We have helped many clients from Bristol and the surrounding areas to gain the best outcome at the end of their employment.

Please consult our Settlement Agreement FAQs for any further info or contact us if you are looking for a Settlement Agreement Solicitor within easy reach of Bristol. We also offer a 100% remote service so distance is never an issue.

“Really knew what they were doing. Picked holes in my employer’s procedures and negotiated me an extra £11,000. Very pleased and would highly recommend”

Robert G