Settlement Agreement Solicitor in Cheltenham

We are specialist Settlement Agreement Solicitors helping clients from Cheltenham and the surrounding areas to negotiate the best settlement agreements and exit packages when leaving their employment. 

At Settlement Agreement Services, we work on your behalf to get you the very best deal possible. Contact us before leaving your employer, and we'll negotiate your exit package making the process of leaving your job stress free and smooth. 

If you are based in Cheltenham or the surrounding areas, you can visit us in person to discuss your individual situation. Alternatively, we can offer a 100% remote Settlement Agreement service.

What is a Settlement Agreement, and do I need a Solicitor?

An Employment Settlement Agreement (formerly known as a Compromise Agreement) is a legally binding contract between an employer and an employee detailing any terms and payments due at the end of employment. 

For a typical Settlement Agreement, the employer pays the employee a sum of money, and in return, the employee agrees not to pursue litigation against the employer.

Settlement Agreements are not required by law, however, it is recommended you ask your employer for one in order to ensure you are receiving the very best exit package.

A Settlement Agreement is legally binding but only when the employee has consulted with a suitably qualified, insured, and experienced Solicitor or Trades Union representative. This is why it is essential to receive advice from a specialist Settlement Agreement Solicitor. 

Please read our Settlement Agreement FAQs or get in touch if you are looking for a Settlement Agreement Solicitor in Cheltenham. 

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